Welcome to JJC Communications

We are a marketing communications company.

That sounds very well and good, but really, what exactly does it mean?

There’s “marketing communications,” “social media,” “social marketing,” “social networking,” “traditional media,” “non-traditional media,” and the list goes on. But what do people with any or all of these job descriptions actually DO?

In short, we help get the word out about your business, using whatever medium works best for your customers.

The Marketing Landscape Has Changed

Sometimes, that medium is “traditional.” By that we mean the old standards: print, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, and newspapers.

Sometimes, that medium is “digital.” Specifically, that’s anything using ones and zeros or bits and bytes, like computers, tablets, and smartphones. Blogs, posts, comments, and web sites fall into this category.

More often than not, though, what your business really needs is a little bit of both. A Facebook business page here, a radio spot there. A LinkedIn persona for substance, with a bus ad chaser.

How Can JJC Communications Help?

We here at JJC Communications design and implement marketing plans for companies just like yours. We optimize websites for maximum search engine payoff, and write content for a variety of formats ¬– from web pages to white papers to brochures.

Jeff Cole is a social media maven, accomplished marketing communications professional, and public speaker on social media, public relations, and writing for results. He is able to combine social media and traditional marketing communications in a way that ensures the best outcome possible. He has provided marketing, planning, social media consulting, public relations, crisis communications, and a myriad of other services for companies that range from Fortune 500s to one-person start-ups.

Marketing is different from advertising in that advertising gets the word out, while marketing helps you find the people to get the word out to. If your business needs a hand in the marketing and social media arena, give us a call. We’d be happy to help.